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We are very glad to inform you the launch of our “Paperless DSC” (with eSign 3.0). With this paperless DSC, we will be able to issue a digital signature to the end user in a very short span of time. The entire process is created in a very seamless and convenient way and since it is paperless, it will not require you to collect hard copies of documents which you have been doing so until now to get a DSC approved, thus saving you and your customer valuable time and money.

Further in this process there will be no customer verification risk to you as they provide Aadhaar offline KYC. This will also help you in using this as a key benefit in improving your business, and will help the end user in getting a DSC in a short span of time, with a lot of convenience.


Improved productivity

We feel that with this paperless DSC option, it will help us in quickly issuing a DSC to the end user thereby creating a win- win situation. We look forward to making this paperless DSC a key option of DSC issuance with your kind support. You can write to us at partners@emudhra.com. if you have any questions/queries.


Kindly note that this is applicable to only Individual DSCs and does not apply to organizational certificates.


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